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Skipa Task Chair by Humb.

Experience the next level of seating comfort with Humb's innovative task chair, designed to inspire and uplift your workspace. Taking cues from the majestic butterfly, our chair embodies transformation and potential at every curve. Its unique Y-shaped back, reminiscent of outstretched butterfly wings, doesn't just offer a graceful silhouette but also cradles your back with an intuitive understanding of the human form. The flex-back technology adapts to the natural curve of your spine. Create a comfortable and attractive workspace today with the Skipa task chair.

Breathable Wintex Fabric
Ergonomic Design
Functional Storage Space
Advanced Adjustability

Skipa Task Office Chair by Humb

Flex-back and lumbar-free designs in an S shape to perfectly fit the curve of the human spine and bring unparalleled comfort.

Skipa Task Office Chair by Humb

Ergonomic Design

The Humb Skipa chair is designed with a focus on ergonomic support and style. Its Y-shaped back frame is engineered for maximum support and comfort, assisting you through every stage of your workday. The chair's design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that it complements any office environment while providing the necessary support of a task chair.

Skipa Task Office Chair by Humb

Innovative Fabric

The Skipa chair features high-quality Wintex fabric, known for its elasticity and breathability. Imported from Korea, this fabric is integrated into the chair's back, supported by a sturdy Y-shaped bracket. This combination offers reliable back and waist support, designed to promote comfort during long work hours. The chair's design is both practical and visually appealing, making it an excellent choice for professionals seeking both style and functionality in their office furniture.

Skipa Task Office Chair by Humb

Skipa Task Chair by Humb.

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Flex-back and lumbar-free designs in an S shape to perfectly fit the curve of the human spine and bring unparalleled comfort. This is the first time Humb have made use of the flex-back design. The cladding structure makes lumbar support-free design feasible and gives all-round support to your lumbar region.

Product Details

Product Description

Elegant Design
The Humb Skipa chair takes inspiration from nature's artistry, mirroring the sleek and refined form of a butterfly. This design philosophy embodies the idea of metamorphosis, encouraging us to embrace growth and change. The chair's distinctive Y-shaped back, reminiscent of a butterfly's outspread wings, offers a unique, elegant, and sophisticated silhouette.

Unmatched Comfort
Innovatively designed with a flex-back and a lumbar-free S shape, the Skipa chair contours seamlessly to the natural curve of your spine, ensuring unmatched comfort. Humb introduces the flex-back design for the first time, akin to a comforting embrace. The chair's design eliminates the need for traditional lumbar support, instead providing holistic support to your lower back.

Innovative Back Design
The Skipa features a functional and visually striking hollow back storage space. This design allows you to conveniently store personal items like cushions or pillows. The chair's back tilt strength is adjustable for personalized comfort, and its stain-proof fabric maintains both cleanliness and comfort over time.

Spine-Friendly Support
The core of the Skipa chair is its Y-shaped back frame, supporting an ergonomically crafted S-shaped backrest. This design offers optimal support for your back and waist, adapting to your movements in various working positions, thus negating the need for separate lumbar support.

Practical Storage Solution
Emphasizing functionality, the Y-shaped back frame includes a spacious 40cm x 50cm storage compartment, perfect for nap pillows, bags, and documents. This feature keeps workspaces tidy and adds a playful touch to the chair's design.

Sophisticated Functionality
The Skipa chair is more than just an aesthetically pleasing piece; it's a fusion of beauty and practicality. The premium version boasts an advanced Italian Donati self-load mechanism with a four-position lock, automatically adjusting to individual body weights. This feature is ideal for comfortable resting, especially during short breaks. Available with both fixed and adjustable armrests, the Skipa caters to a wide range of preferences.

Elegance in Every Setting
The Humb Skipa chair brings an air of elegance to formal settings, fostering a light and open atmosphere for communication and collaboration. As you pursue your ambitions, the Skipa chair is a stylish and supportive companion on your journey.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Humb

  • Frame/Base: Aluminium

  • Material: 3D Fabric

  • Mesh Colour Options: Black, Blue, Orange, Grey, Green

  • Depth: 640mm

  • Width: 655mm

  • Height: 1020mm

Headrest height adjustment range: 0-45mm

20° backrest tilt angle, self-loaded four-position locking

Armrest left-right adjustment range: 0-32°

Chair base adjustment range: 0-100mm

Armrest adjustment range: 0-85mm

Product Details

Aesthetic pleasure

The chair's design, inspired by a butterfly, showcases a smooth and elegant appearance. Its unique Y-shaped back resembles butterfly wings, symbolising transformation and potential, and offering a graceful and distinctive look.

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Comfortable backrest

Featuring a flex-back and lumbar-free S-shaped design, this chair fits the human spine's curve for unparalleled comfort. It's Humb's first implementation of the flex-back design, providing a hug-like feel and lumbar support.

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Unique Back design

This chair boasts a functional hollow back storage, ideal for personal items like cushions, pillows, or small accessories. Coupled with its adjustable back strength and stain-proof fabric ensure continuous comfort and cleanliness.

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Y-shaped Back Frame

The Y-shaped back frame includes a large 40cm x 50cm storage space, perfect for storing nap pillows, bags, and files. This innovative design keeps work areas tidy and adds a fun element to the office chair.

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Sophisticated Design and Smart Features

The Humb Skipa chair combines elegant design with practical functionality. It features the advanced Italian Donati self-load mechanism with four-position locking, enabling automatic adjustment of the backrest to suit individual body weight. This feature enhances comfort, especially for restful breaks. Options for both fixed and adjustable armrests are available, catering to a variety of preferences. These thoughtful details are designed to provide a superior seating experience.

Skipa Task Chair