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We are obsessive about baby sleep safety.

Purflo was started 25 years ago by concerned new parents who wanted to create cleaner, safer and healthier sleeping environments for babies. 

The first Purflo product to be created was the breathable mattress, which is still the only foam free, fully breathable and fully washable mattress on the market today. As part of the original research and development, the mattress underwent extensive clinical laboratory research studies. Professor Peter Fleming CBE – professor of Infant Health and Development Physiology directed these studies at Bristol University. Professor Fleming is also an acknowledged world leader in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

We have witnessed an evolution in the way parents put their babies to bed over the past two decades, and we remain at the forefront of that wave. We strive to develop products that make the very best use of the latest technology in materials and production, and implement the latest research in infant sleep science to create the safest products possible.   

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