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Why Humanscale Office Chairs Are Perfect For Remote Working

Why Humanscale Office Chairs Are Perfect For Remote Working

Due to various lockdowns throughout the states, more and more Australian workers are making the switch from working in the corporate office to working from home. With such a change, many homes will not have the right desk setup. Aside from having a sufficient desk in the first place, it’s important to shop around for an office chair that will support you through your working day. From protecting your posture to ensuring decent levels of circulation to prevent fatigue, investing in the right office chair isn’t just a good decision for your general health, it can also improve your productivity.

But how do you know which chair is a good choice for a remote office?

Award-winning leaders in office ergonomics, Humanscale is the brand behind the iconic Freedom chair design which pioneered automated seat adjustments. Trusted by big-name companies not just in Australia but around the world, we’re revealing the top reasons why Humanscale office chairs are perfect for remote working.

Automatically Adjusts To Suit Your Body

The Humanscale Freedom chair was a joint design project with Niels Diffrient. Engineered at their New York-based design studio, Diffrient brought a whole new perspective to office chair design to create something that could suit every worker. The secret was in the adjustment mechanism - a revolutionary design that automatically adjusts in response to movement. The chair moves with you to support and comfort you whilst you work.

This also means that you won’t have to worry about adjusting your chair when it arrives. You can simply sit back and set to work.

Designed And Built To Last

If you know your work-from-home setting is only temporary, it can be tempting to settle for a sub-par chair to get by. However, this could be a mistake. Working 8 hours or longer in a chair that doesn’t offer the support you need will not only become uncomfortable, it could also impact your work performance.

Made to resist scratches and tears, Humanscale chairs are designed to last and a smarter chair will make you look and feel more professional. Designed to look as good in ten years as they do today, these office chairs are a good investment that can see you through your career - wherever that takes you.

Prevents Aches And Pains

One of the common complaints is back and neck ache. However, with the ergonomic Humanscale design, you should be able to keep these issues at bay. With lumbar support, the padding on the seat, and an added headrest available on the Freedom Task Chair, you can easily maintain a healthier posture throughout your workday.

At Back Care Online Australia, we are official Humanscale retailers. We’re dedicated to supplying remote office workers with the finest ergonomic chairs so you can thrive whether you’re in the office or not. Adaptable, functional, and beautifully designed, shop Humanscale Office Chairs online at Back Care Australia today.