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Risk of Child Back Pain from Backpacks

Risk of Child Back Pain from Backpacks

The jury is out - Children and adolescents who carry a backpack aren’t at a higher risk of developing back pain according to a recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM). After compiling data from 63 cross-sectional studies and five prospective studies that followed people over a period of time, the BJSM has confirmed that there is no clear link between carrying heavy backpacks and back pain in children and adolescents.

It goes without saying that this study has turned society’s preconceived notion on its head, as parents have historically tried to limit and reduce the amount of weight that children and adolescents have to carry on their back, striving to have them only carry 5-20% of their body weight. This belief has only been further encouraged by studies that suggest backpacks have a negative effect on a child’s head posture, weight distribution and respiratory function. 

Changing this mentality will take time, but the BJSM’s study does present a promising, new train of thought that suggests heavy backpacks won’t hinder the health of children and adolescents in the future. Only time will tell, but we’re thrilled to hear that children and adolescents have a bright future ahead of them when it comes to back pain. With school back in session after a successful Half-Term, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with this exciting news!

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