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4 Benefits of Inversion Therapy & Tables

4 Benefits of Inversion Therapy & Tables

How’s it hanging, back pain sufferers? According to The British Pain Society, not very well. Can you believe that back pain costs the UK economy £10 billion? If you’re like the average person, you’ve probably sunk hundreds of pounds into painkillers, physiotherapy appointments and yoga sessions that all promise to relieve back pain with little to no effect. Frustrated? We bet. That’s why we’re here to tell you that there’s a better way: Inversion Therapy!

Read our latest blog to discover the benefits of inversion therapy and see why chronic back pain sufferers put their trust in inversion tables. Contact Back Care Online with any questions and purchase your Teeter inversion table today.

What is Inversion Therapy?

Inversion therapy is a health practice where a person suspends him or herself upside down by his or her ankles for a short period of time to help relieve back pain. The aim is to stretch and elongate the spine and eliminate any pressure from weight-bearing discs, joints or nerves in the body.

Pro Tip: When first starting out, invert your body at a 20-30 degree angle for the first few weeks for 1-2 minutes to help your body adjust to inversion therapy. Once you feel comfortable, aim to invert for 3-5 minutes to allow your body to fully stretch and decompress. You’ll want to focus on relaxing and loosening your muscles while inverting to get the best results.

Can Inversion Therapy Relieve Back Pain?

It can do more than just that! Here are 4 different ways inversion therapy benefits the body besides helping to relieve back pain.

Improved Posture

Inversion therapy doesn’t just decompress your vertebrae, discs, joints and nerves, it also works to stretch and realign your spine, helping you to stand taller and straighter after each session. Watch chiropractor, Dr. Jerome Fryer, explain spinal decompression here.

Eliminate Stress

When a person becomes stressed, tension tends to build in the back, neck and shoulders. Feeling tight in these areas can lead to headaches, back pain and poor posture, which is why inversion therapy is ideal for combating all three. In fact, a recent study saw a 35% decrease in muscle tension within the first 10 seconds of inverting, proving that inversion therapy actually does loosens the muscles and help a person relax.

Improved Flexibility & Core Strength

By elongating the spine and enjoying a full body stretch, you may find that your overall flexibility improves. Tight muscles can hinder your ability to bend or reach and negatively affect your mobility. Inversion therapy can help you improve your core strength, which is needed to support your torso, increase blood circulation and maintain good posture. Just by performing a few crunches or sit ups while inverting can make all the difference to your core’s overall health and strength.

Reduce Muscle Tightness

If you love working out but hate feeling sore afterwards, inversion therapy is perfect for you! Inversion therapy helps your body relax after a rigorous fitness routine by helping your spine and muscles stretch and decompress. In fact, Tim Ferriss, the New York Best-Selling author of Tools for Titans, actually does inversion therapy himself after training sessions to help his body recover faster and flush out toxins.

I’m Sold! Which Inversion Table Should I Buy?

When it comes to inversion tables, Teeter inversion tables are the industry leader. Teeter inversion tables are the only FDA-certified inversion table on the market and come backed by an unrivalled 5-year warranty for peace of mind. Teeter inversion tables have been made with quality and precision for over 37 years and are currently used by over 3 million people worldwide!

Inversion therapy is an affordable answer to relieving back pain. If you want to feel better, move better and look better, buy a Teeter inversion table from Back Care Online today. We won’t be beaten on price!

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